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With WOTH (Weighing of the Heart), the highly individual musician Liesa Van der Aa is seeking a way through the moral chaos of our polyphonous world

With WOTH (Weighing of the Heart), the highly individual musician Liesa Van der Aa is seeking a way through the moral chaos of our polyphonous world. Judgements whizz through the virtual air, but the voice that once dictated the boundary between good and evil has fallen forever silent. Liesa expresses a generation’s search for answers and structures against a backdrop of constant excess. What is
a good life? She found the inspiration for this first creation of her own in an ancient Egyptian ritual that has a moving simplicity. After death, each individual’s heart is put in the balance opposite the feather of truth: too heavy, too light, or in equilibrium? The Egyptian Book of the Dead provides the visual background for an overwhelming musical performance.
Liesa’s angular music balances between fragility and bombast, the individual and the masses: one voice, one violin, eight musicians, a 42-voice chorus. Video and animated film by Frederik Jassogne and Guy Cassiers.

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A production of Louisa’s Daughter vzw in coproduction with deSingel Internationale Kunstcampus, Muziektheater Transparant, Toneelhuis and Handelsbeurs. In collaboration with Flagey, Cultuurcentrum Hasselt and Kaaitheater – With the suport of the Flemisch Government.


Location Dates Hour
deSingel Antwerpen (Antwerpen)
+32 3 248 28 28
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Handelsbeurs Gent (Gent)
+32 9 265 91 60
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Kaaitheater (Brussel)
+32 2 201 58 58
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CC Hasselt (Hasselt)
+32 11 22 99 31
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Concertgebouw Brugge (Brugge)
+32 50 47 69 99
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Concept & director: Liesa Van der Aa

Design & video: Liesa Van der Aa, Hangaar (Frederik Jassogne & Bart Moens), Guy Cassiers, Afreux beeldfabriek

Composition 42 judges: Peter Spaepen

Composition Chapter I: Liesa Van der Aa I Composition Chapter II: Liesa Van der Aa & Daniella Strasfögel I Composition Chapter III: Liesa Van der Aa, Katrin Lohman & Hannes d' Hoine

Text: Chapter I & II: Liesa Van der Aa I Tekst Chapter III: Liesa Van der Aa & Katrin Lohmann

Arrangements & musical performance: Liesa Van der Aa, Katrin Lohmann, Hannes D’Hoine, Ephraïm Cielen, Sjoerd Bruil, Jon Birdsong, Lambert Colson, Arne Leurentop, Nathan Wouters

Toth: Johan Leysen 

Costume design: Anja Perisic

Light design and technical coordination: Ken Hioco

Sound design: Roel Snellebrand

Monitoring: Wim De Clerck

Set design: Joé Ageman

Production: Ruth Sarens en Annik Laruelle