With WOTH (Weighing of the Heart), the highly individual musician Liesa Van der Aa is seeking a way through the moral chaos of our polyphonous world

Taking the 'weighing of the heart' death ceremony from Egyptian mythology as the basis, Liesa Van der Aa explores the meaning of faith, judgement, values and the lightness of being in the 21st century. WOTH is a musical quest for identity, as tightly formed as a ritual, in which a young soul, under the benevolent eye of Thoth, god of the moon and of wisdom, embarks on the ultimate journey. The musical compositions by Liesa Van der Aa include elements of electronics, Baroque and pop; a wealth of influences and styles that she masterfully works into a distinctive sound, and with which she experiments. Frederik Jassogne and Bart Moens are responsible for an impressive video decor and create alien images that acutely reflect the different musical moods.

"Liesa Van der Aa has written a unique work of imposing range". (Focus Knack, 25 January 2015)

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Produced by Louisa’s Daughter vzw and co-produced by Muziektheater Transparant, deSingel, Toneelhuis and Handelsbeurs. In cooperation with Flagey, Cultuurcentrum Hasselt and Kaaitheater. With the support of the Flemish government.

Location Dates Hour  
Toneelhuis Antwerpen (Antwerpen)
+32 3 224 88 44
CC De Warande Turnhout (Turnhout)
+32 14 41 94 94
Composition choir: Peter Spaepen • Videofiguration: Johan LeysenCostume Design: Anja Perisic • Lighting design | Coordination technics: Ken Hioco • Sound Design: Diederik De Cock • Roel Snellebrand • Video: Frederic Jassogne • Bart Moens • Set Design: Joé Agemans • Composition: Daniella Strasfogel • Katrin Lohmann • Hannes D'Hoine • Liesa van der AaConcept | Direction: Liesa van der AaTexts: Katrin LohmannLiesa van der AaArrangements: Peter Spaepen • Ephraïm Cielen • Sjoerd Bruil • Jon Birdsong • Lambert Colson • Nathan Wouters • Diederik De CockKatrin Lohmann • Hannes D'Hoine • Liesa van der AaMusicians: Ephraïm Cielen • Sjoerd Bruil • Jon Birdsong • Lambert Colson • Arne Leurentop • Nathan Wouters • Katrin Lohmann • Hannes D'Hoine • Liesa van der Aa