Season 2009-2010


    • Over The Mountains

      Over The Mountains

      Following the international success of RUHE, Josse De Pauw and jazz composer Corrie Van Binsbergen created over the mountains. They address the desire and loss that never ceases. 

    • Porcelain


      How, following the disappearance of his father, he grew up a lonely child with his overanxious mother and the chambermaid who lived with them. 

    • A new Requiem

      A new Requiem

      Author Jeroen Brouwers and artist Roger Raveel provide a contemporary response to the universal music of Mozart’s Requiem, Christian Köhler recomposes the score for ‘Harmonie’.

    • An Index of Memories

      An Index of Memories

      An Index of Memories is a scenic concert about memory and its emotions. It is all based on the writings left us by the classical Greek poetess Sappho

    • Autopsie van een Gebroken Hart

      Autopsie van een Gebroken Hart

      Based on the first and only book by writer Marcelle Sauvageot, An De Donder and Dominique Pauwels made this theatrical production.

    • Romeinse Tragedies

      Romeinse Tragedies

      Ivo Van Hove staged three of Shakespeare's plays - Coriolanus, Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra - as a single continuous piece about the political machine.