Season 2015-2016


    • Listen to the Silence

      Listen to the Silence

      Everything we do is music. John Cage changed musical norms forever and enhanced music history with his own poetry of freedom, coincidence, emptiness and silence. 

    • Secrets


      An intimist musical production of the soprano Claron McFadden and the Massot-Florizoone-Horbaczewski jazz trio inspired by personal and anonymous secrets collected from the public. 

    • Kings of war

      Kings of war

      Directed by Ivo van Hove. Kings of War combines Henry V, Henry VI and Richard III into a single, explosive play about leadership.

    • And you must suffer

      And you must suffer

      Many music lovers experience Bach's St John Passion as short but intense. Its text connects poetry to the biblical passion story while the music swerves between narrative recitatives and chorales. 

    • Private View

      Private View

      Annelies Van Parys, one of the resident composers at Muziektheater Transparant, writes Private View, her first  opera, for the Opera XXI festival.

    • Woth


      With WOTH (Weighing of the Heart), the highly individual musician Liesa Van der Aa is seeking a way through the moral chaos of our polyphonous world

    • Van den Vos

      Van den Vos

      Inspired by the epic fable Reynard, FC Bergman, Toneelhuis and Muziektheater Transparant play a timeless piece with text by Josse de Pauw and music by Liesa van der Aa. 

    • The Cutter-off of Water

      The Cutter-off of Water

      Published in 1989, Marguerite Duras' Le coupeur d’eau (The Cutter-off of Water) is a moving short story inspired by a tragic fait divers: the suicide of an entire family after a waterworks employee cut off the water.

    • Winterreise


      Winterreise: a journey into the unknown, a trip through a bleak landscape, the loneliness of an individual struggling with his fears and desires.