Van den Vos

Music theatre inspired by the epic fable Reynard

Inspired by the epic fable Reynard, FC Bergman, Toneelhuis and Muziektheater Transparant play a timeless piece with text by Josse de Pauw and music by Liesa van der Aa. 

In FC Bergman's interpretation of Van den vos Reynaerde, the universal story of the medieval animal fable remains, but in their version the mildly comical tone of the original makes room for a sharp-witted analysis of human weaknesses. Propelled by a powerful composition by Liesa Van der Aa, performed by the Berlin soloist ensemble Kaleidoskop, we see how the hunger for power pulverises ideals and drives man to insanity. No one is safe from the insidious poison of evil; the child's innocence is threatened, the woman pays for a forbidden love, the man thrashes around but does not act. The clear water of the swimming pool, the central element of the monumental decor, clouds and discolours as the story gives up its secrets. A thrilling performance hovering between film and theatre.

"Grand and staggering total theatre". (NRC Handelsblad, 13 January 2014)

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Produced by Toneelhuis, Muziektheater Transparant and Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop in cooperation with Kaaitheater, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Le Phénix – Scène Nationale de Valenciennes, Wiener Festwochen, Opera Days Rotterdam, Stichting Theaterfestival Boulevard, Berliner Festspiele/Foreign Affairs. With the support of the European Commission.

Location Dates Hour  
Grand Théâtre de la ville de Luxembourg (Luxemburg)
Text: Josse De Pauw • Actors: Viviane De Muynck • Dirk Roofthooft • Stef Aerts • Joé Agemans • Bart Hollanders • Thomas Verstraeten • Marie Vinck • Ensemble: Kaleidoskop • Song | Play: Gregory Frateur • Composition: Liesa van der Aa • Daniella Strasfogel • Michael Rauter • Concept | Direction: FC Bergman