Autopsie van een Gebroken Hart

Dominique Pauwels / An De Donder (after Marcelle Sauvageot)

Based on the first and only book by writer Marcelle Sauvageot, An De Donder and Dominique Pauwels made this theatrical production.

Following their wonderful Twee oude vrouwtjes, An De Donder and Dominique Pauwels are working together again on another project. This time, they are basing their work on the first and only book by the short-lived writer Marcelle Sauvageot (1900-1934). This Parisian writer suffered from tuberculosis and died from the disease in a sanatorium. The book is a long farewell letter she wrote to her unfaithful lover while in the institution.

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A production of LOD. In Coproduction with Muziektheater Transparant and De Bijloke Muziekcentrum Gent. 

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Text: After Commentaire by Marcelle Sauvageot • Coach: Michel Van Dousselaere • Composition: Dominique Pauwels • Play: Elke Dom • Ruth Becquart • An De DonderConcept | Direction: An De Donder