Current season

  • Earth Diver

    Earth Diver

    Inspired by the discourse of Peter Sloterdijk en Slavoj Žižek, the director Wouter Van Looy and video artist Wim Catrysse examine the way the global crisis is being handled. 

  • Facade: The last days of Mata Hari

    Facade: The last days of Mata Hari

    The story of the legendary exotic dancer and alleged spy Mata Hari in a theatrical songrecital. 
  • Mitra


    The portrait of an Iranian psychoanalyst who is wrongfully interned and her battle for freedom with almost mythical proportions.

  • Canticum Canticorum

    Canticum Canticorum

    Song of Songs, a protest song

  • Diary of One Who Disappeared

    Diary of One Who Disappeared

    Ivo van Hove directs Ed Lyon and Marie Hamard in Leoš Janáček 's Diary of One who Disappeared. Annelies Van Parys composes an answer to this intriguing tale about detachment. 

  • Calamity / Billy

    Calamity / Billy

    A musictheatreproject about two mythical characters from the American West: Calamity Jane and Billy the Kid.

  • Nightshade: Aubergine

    Nightshade: Aubergine

    Claron McFadden goes in search of the common roots of our various cultures by focusing on one of the most iconic ingredients on the culinary scene: the aubergine. 

  • Kings of War

    Kings of War

    In Kings of War the director Ivo van Hove combines three of Shakespeare’s history plays to form an explosive compilation on the theme of power and responsibility. 

  • MENS


    In collaboration with writers as Dimitri Verhulst and Tom Lanoye Wende will invite the public on a surprising and, occasionally, confronting journey. 

  • Revelations


    Revelations examines the power of visions and starts out from the striking examples experienced by the 13th-century Brabant poetess, writer and mystic Hadewych. 

  • La voix humaine

    La voix humaine

    House director Wouter Van Looy, house artist Naomi Beeldens and pianist Jeroen Malaise present their own interpretation of La Voix humaine by the French composer Francis Poulenc (1899-1963) on the basis of a written work by Jean Cocteau (1889-1963). 

  • Secrets


    As a source of inspiration for their intimist musical production Secrets, the soprano Claron McFadden and the Massot-Florizoone-Horbaczewski jazz trio chose… secrets. 

  • Flow My Tears

    Flow My Tears

    An homage to melancholy inspired by the baroque music of John Dowland with a text of Paul Verrept.

  • And You Must Suffer

    And You Must Suffer

    Director Pierre Audi brings reflections on suffering and compassion of Bach's St. John Passion against a background of the moral and democratic deficit of our times.

  • The Channel / Crossing Borders

    The Channel / Crossing Borders

    On a beach near Calais a young refugee prepares himself to swim across the Channel, towards his new future. On the English side, on the chalk cliffs of Beachy Head, a woman bids life goodbye.

  • Roman Tragedies

    Roman Tragedies

    Director Ivo van Hove presents three plays by Shakespeare, all together during a six-hour performance on the subject of our visual culture and our political mechanisms. A political tour de force!

  • My Body Is Yours

    My Body Is Yours

    A new performance of choreographer Marc Vanrunxt created for Dansand! 2017 in Ostend. 

  • Marche Music International Festival

    Marche Music International Festival

    Musical talent from Flanders, the Netherlands and Italy on new festival in Marche - Italy.

  • Matterhonger #3 Passion

    Matterhonger #3 Passion

    Matterhonger unites artists and the audience in a shared curiosity and it all takes place on a festive, food-oriented evening at our own rehearsal rooms.