Current season


    • The Visit

      The Visit

      Claire Zacchanassian returns as richest woman of the world to the bankrupt town of Güllen. The inhabitants hope that she will save the impoverished town with her fortune.

    • Harriet


      Portrait of the courageous Afro-American freedom fighter Harriet Tubman and her struggle against slavery.

    • The Towers of Beirut (10+)

      The Towers of Beirut (10+)

      A story about growing up, friendship and resistance. Nabila hopes to find happiness in the big city as she flees her rual life with her parents. 

    • Usher


      House composer Annelies Van Parys and author Gaia Schoeters 'complete' an unfinished opera by Debussy based on a horror story of Edgar Allen Poe.

    • The Valley (an apocalypse)

      The Valley (an apocalypse)

      An ominous confrontation between father and daughter. Hidden family secrets and years of unspoken feelings come to light.


    • Earth Diver

      Earth Diver

      Inspired by the discourse of Peter Sloterdijk en Slavoj Žižek, the director Wouter Van Looy and video artist Wim Catrysse examine the way the global crisis is being handled. 

    • Mitra


      The portrait of an Iranian psychoanalyst who is wrongfully interned and her battle for freedom with almost mythical proportions.

    • Nightshade: Aubergine

      Nightshade: Aubergine

      Claron McFadden goes in search of the common roots of our various cultures by focusing on one of the most iconic ingredients on the culinary scene: the aubergine. 

    • Façade: The last days of Mata Hari

      Façade: The last days of Mata Hari

      The story of the legendary exotic dancer and alleged spy Mata Hari in a theatrical songrecital. 
    • Diary of One Who Disappeared

      Diary of One Who Disappeared

      Leoš Janaček wrote a song cycle in 22 scenes about a loving village boy. Annelies Van Parys writes an answer to this gripping story. Ivo Van Hove directs.

    • Calamity / Billy

      Calamity / Billy

      A musictheatreproject about two mythical characters from the American West: Calamity Jane and Billy the Kid.


    • Banquet! (9+)

      Banquet! (9+)

      A festive banquet degenerates into a creepy nightmare in this terrifying adaptation of Verdi’s opera Macbeth. 
    • Myriam


      A multidisciplinary sensory operatrip  inspired by Whitley Strieber's horror classic The Hunger.

    • Serge


      A seductive, whimsical, sensually stimulating and provocative spectacle that brings homage to the legendary ballet master Sergei Diaghilev. 
    • Kings of War

      Kings of War

      In Kings of War the director Ivo van Hove combines three of Shakespeare’s history plays to form an explosive compilation on the theme of power and responsibility. 

    • Roman Tragedies

      Roman Tragedies

      Director Ivo van Hove presents three plays by Shakespeare, all together during a six-hour performance on the subject of our visual culture and our political mechanisms. A political tour de force!