The Chinese version of Cinderella with a new classical twist of music and movement.

Cinderella, one of the most known European fairy tales, is believed to have been first transcribed in the 17th century by Italian writer Giambattista Basile, but in fact it is a version of a much older story found throughout history in various cultures around the world. One such predecessor is the Tang Dynasty story of Ye Xian (叶限 or 葉限), documented in the early 9th century. While the original Chinese tale follows an arc many of us might recognise, Untold reveals a few new twists, integrating contemporary classical music, movement, and Chinese and western instruments into an immersive experience that blends genres, art-forms, and cultures.

In the context of All Arias Musictheatre Festival.

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Tangram and Muziektheater Transparant.

Coproduction: Perpodium.

In collaboration with Opera Ballet Flanders.

With the support of Britten Pears Arts, PRS Foundation, RPS Drummond Fund and Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government.

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Opera Ballet Vlaanderen - Gent (Gent)
+ 32 70 22 02 02
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Composition | Musical direction: Alex HoDirection: Julia ChengText: Giselle Ty • Dramaturgy: Elayce Ismail • Artistic coaching: Aïda GabriëlsCountertenor: Keith PunDancer: Jasmine ChiuEnsemble: TANGRAM ensemble : Mantawoman (yanggin), Daniel Shao (flute) & Joanne Chiang (percussion)