Two young couples are trying, each in their own language, to prove how sincere their love is.

Two actors, two singers, a pianist and a violinist. Based on Mozart’s opera Così fan tutte they hold an experiment in which they search for possible freedom within a love relationship. Can love be cast into a structure? A high-risk business which examines both structured love and opera itself, the structured language of emotion.

Tom Goossens is a TRANSLAB resident.


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Muziektheater Transparant | Translab and DESCHONECOMPANIE.

Coproductie: Operadagen Rotterdam and Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. 

Thanks to Raphaël Vandeweyer, LOD Muziektheater, CC De Grote Post, Bronks, KASK Drama, Gwenda Dispersyn, Ruben Lefever.

With the support of Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government and the Flemish Government.

Location Dates Hour
CC Zwaneberg Heist-op-den-Berg (Heist-op-den-Berg)
+32 15 25 07 70
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CC Kortrijk (Kortrijk)
+32 56 23 98 50
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Operadagen Rotterdam (Rotterdam)
+31 10 436 60 70
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CC De Bogaard Sint-Truiden (Sint-Truiden)
+32 11 70 17 00
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CC De Branding Middelkerke (Middelkerke)
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Composition: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart • Text: Lorenzo Daponte • Concept I Direction I Text Adaptation / Scenography: Tom GoossensMusical Direction I Arrangements I Piano: Wouter DeltourMusical Dramaturgy: Lalina GoddardScenography | Lighting design: Geert VanoorléMask: Lotte Stek • Costumes: Marij De BrabandereGuglielmo: Jokke Martensor Lucas CortoosFiordiligi: Annelies Van Gramberenor Esther KouwenhovenAlfonso: Wouter DeltourDespina: Clara Cleymansor Joke EmmersDorabella: Carine van BruggenFerrando: Arne Luiting

Goossens combines an infectious acting style (playing directly to the audience) with luxuriant virtuoso singing and makes very clever use of both: the acting keeps up the pace of the story while the singing provides the emotional colour. And Deltour’s piano is a steadfast guide.

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