An emotional journey through Franz Schubert's Winterreise, reimagined for the present.

Five contemporary troubadours set to work with Franz Schubert’s classic song cycle. In a non-stop ecstasy of music, the audience experiences a theatrical concert in which the original work is dissected and reduced to its essence: humanity’s existential quest. The stage is transformed into a night-time dream world, a liminal space between fantasy and reality, in which five musicians engage in a dialogue with Schubert’s work, their own darkest desires and contemplations. By means of transformative landscapes and poetic video footage, the audience is immersed in a hopeful ritual and taken on a journey through the interior world of five individuals in search of love, beauty and freedom in a meaningless universe that is empty and finite. 

Winterreise is a collaboration between Jan Sobrie and Wouter Deltour. While director Sobrie Schuberts brings work into contact with contemporary narratives, Deltour’s adaptation of the music searches for a modern sound, in Schubert’s footsteps. Thus the old Winterreise is brought back to the here and now in an idiosyncratic way. 

“Sometimes Wouter Deltour plays softly, then he rams hard on the keys or switches to indefinable sounds on the keyboard. Impressive.”

Mia Vaerman, E-tcetera

“What stays with us is above all the fragile singing of all the performers. Viviane De Muynck's closing song is even touching. She provides the poignancy so characteristic of Schubert's world. This version can therefore count as an interesting experiment in vocal timbres and technique.”

Johan Thielemans, Pzazz

“Peter Monsaert's superb cinematography equally exudes that melancholy. Every time the film footage appears, the performance revives and the emotion shimmers through the audience.”

Els Van Steenberghe, Knack Focus


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Opera Ballet Vlaanderen - Gent (Gent)
+ 32 70 22 02 02
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CC Ter Dilft Bornem (Bornem)
+32 3 890 69 30
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Chassé Theater (Breda)
+31 76 530 31 32
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