Missa Mater Sola

An ode to the natural primal force of the protective, healing mother archetype full of unconditional love.

Missa Mater Sola ('Mass about the lonely mother') is the second in the Missa triptych, after Missa Homo Sacer, and examines the relationship between the individual and the (singing) community. The mother figure is wrung out of the Maria mould with stylized tears. The ancient Stabat Mater is reinterpreted and culminates in a Stabat Mater Gloriosa: an ode to the natural primal force of the protective, healing mother archetype full of unconditional love. In this ritual about caring and letting go, five swarming male singers carry a dancer (Mother) while a flautist breathes along and weaves together the voices from the future and the past on the side-line.

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Festival Cement and Translab-Muziektheater Transparant.

Coproduction: Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam.

With the support of PLAN Talentontwikkeling Brabant.

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Theater aan Zee (Oostende)
+32 59 33 90 00
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De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam)
+31 20 622 90 14
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Concept | Direction: Timo TembuyserDramaturgy: Lena MeyskensChoreography: Timo TembuyserFumiyo IkedaA mother's body (dance): Fumiyo IkedaA body of sons (singers): Timo TembuyserAlberto MartínezDominic KraemerKai Sven DeteringOtion (Guillermo Armand Blinker)Sonia Sheridan JacquelinFlute: Dodó KisScenography: Timo TembuyserVinny JonesLight & dark: Vinny JonesSound Design: Jo Thielemans

The stunningly beautiful compositions are the backbone of the performance. Drawing on different religious singing traditions and different languages – alongside the Latin that dominated in the first part, the mother tongues of the culturally diverse group of performers can be heard here too –Tembuyser is able to create an immense emotional resonance.

27.03.2022 - Theaterkrant - Marijn Lemmens

Missa Mater Sola is a poignant musical performance. … The divergent perspectives of the diverse group of performers, the different languages and design languages enhance the story and make this a highly layered performance. The powerful voices and the whispering flute in magnificent new compositions by Tembuyser are moving. Missa Mater Sola makes a genuine proposal for a future world in which non-binary thinking is the norm.

14.06.2022 - From the jury report on nominees by the BNG Bank Theatre Prize 2022 jury