Judith's gaze is all about encounters. Bluebeard and Judith begin their fatal relationship in Duke Bluebeard's Castle by Béla Bartók and Béla Balázs.

In a new work by composer Malin Bång and author Mara Lee, Judith enters into a dialogue with the dark. She processes her loss in a purifying process. Two pieces, one story; old and new.  Two 21st century female artists enter into dialogue with the symbolist repertoire of the 20th century.  Wouter Van Looy directs in collaboration with the French scenographer Marie Szersnovich.


Judith’s gaze
Duke Bluebeard's Castle

Composition: Belá Bártok
Libretto: Belá Balázs

I volcanic

Composition: Malin Bang
Libretto: Mara Lee

Performers: Gilda Nomacce (Judith, narrator), Denise de Freitas (Judith, Duke Bluebeards’s Castle), Alexandra Büchel (Judith, I volcanic), Hernan Itturalde (Bluebeard), Laiana Oliveira (Darkness 1), Flavio Mello (Darkness 2)

Musical direction: Roberto Minzuck
Concept | stage direction: Wouter Van Looy
Assistent-direction: Piero Schlochauer
Scenography: Carl Bellens, Wouter Van Looy
Assistent-scenography: Jonas Soares
Video: Raimo Benedetti
Light design: Aline Santini
Costume design: Laura Françozo