Dance of the Seven Veils

Salome's infamous veil dance on a silver plate.

Salomé’s Dance of the Seven Veils has sent generations reeling. Throughout the ages, Oscar Wilde’s femme fatale who also inspired Richard Strauss for his shocking opera, caused a lot of stir. In Dance of the Seven Veils, director Aïda Gabriëls invites musicians Colin H. Van Eeckhout (CHVE, Amenra), Pieter-Jan Van Assche (Innerwoud) and soprano Astrid Stockman to fiddle with the deeply human figure of Salomé. Within a theatrical total work of art, dancer German Jauregui immerses into their ecstatic soundscape, surrendering to the primal forces and fears of the female icon sculptor Rui Barros manipulates and gets manipulated by.

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Coproduction: Muziektheater Transparant,  Ancienne Belgique, LOD muziektheater, Perpodium 

In collaboration with Kunstencentrum Vooruit and Inspiratum/Axel Vervoordt. 

With the support of Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government.

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CC De Werft Geel (Geel)
+32 14 56 66 60
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CC C-mine Genk (Genk)
+32 89 65 50 00
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CC Sint-Niklaas (Sint-Niklaas)
+32 3 778 33 44
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Roadburn festival (Utrecht)
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Concept | Direction: Aïda GabriëlsLibretto: Ylona SupèrDramaturgy: Ylona SupèrTessa VannieuwenhuyzeLive scenography: Rui BarrosCostumes: Kjell De Meersman • Noa Kapchitz • Light design: Davy Deschepper • Sound Design: Korneel Moreaux • Music: Astrid StockmanColin H. Van EeckhoutInnerwoud Dance: German Jauregui

This was a spectacular show with an exciting and evocative soundscape supplied live mainly by Pieter-Jan Van Assche, Colin H. van Eeckhout and soprano Astrid Stockman who, as well as providing some classical opera moments, also managed to sound a lot like Kate Bush. … Visually the piece was stunning with atmospheric ever-changing lighting always picking out the constantly moving Salome figure. … Excellent.

Michael Hasted - Arts Talk Magazine Nl – 25.08.2021

For Dance of the Seven Veils director Aïda Gabriëls puts together a dream cast which crafts the story of the Biblical figure Salomé into a mourning and love ritual in a Gothic setting. ... Equally impressive alongside Van Eeckhout are soprano Astrid Stockman and double bassist Pieter-Jan Van Assche. ... You leave Dance of the Seven Veils with a soul that resonates from the emotions and ears that are glowing from the sublime singing and melodies.

Els Van Steenberghe - Knack Focus - 14.1.2021