A semi-opera by Henry Purcell

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Arthur is a semi-opera by Henry Purcell. 100 years after the start of the great War, Muziektheater Transparant, B'Rock and de Veenfabriek place Purcell's music in a contemporary context. 

In his semi opera King Arthur, Purcell portrays an Arthur who covers the earth in frost, he misguides mankind and serenades the sublimation of nationalism. If Purcell, in collaboration with John Dryden, did so to celebrate the victory of the protestant king William III over his catholic rival James II, Paul Koek and Peter Verhelst do so in commemoration of a less heroic event. 100 years after the start of the Great War, and parallel to Princess Emmeline in the original text, a blind woman (Claron McFadden) is roaming the battle field in search of her lover. She is accompanied by a woman who tells her what she cannot see, while the little boy Arthur is dreaming about war. Purcell's music and dialogue interact with them and offer emotional depth. A glimpse of beauty shimmers in the dark. 

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A production of Muziektheater Transparant and de Veenfabriek in coproduction with B'Rock, Operadagen Rotterdam, De Munt / la Monnaie, Festival van Vlaanderen Brussel and Flagey.

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KlaraFestival (Brussel)
32 70 210 217
O. (Rotterdam)
+ 31 1 436 60 70
Costumes: Dorothee CurioDramaturgy: Paul SlangenMusic: Henry Purcell • Text: Peter VerhelstMusical direction: George Petrou • Soloists: Elizabeth CraggClaron McFaddenReinoud Van MechelenKonstantin WolffChoir: Cappella Amsterdam Musical performance: B'Rock Orchestra Choir leader: Daniel ReussActors: Tyeppe Troost • Batuhan Eryigit • Direction: Paul KoekLighting design: Peter Quasters