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Genres and atmospheres, operateske dada blues punk pop, a high-pitched voice, dark beats and theatricality make spring of this grandly intimate spectacle.

“... A spirit feared by the state is an awake one, awakening spirits, empowering spirits, this spirit can rise, once again, it can appear, like a transfiguring evening glow in whose light the evil day that proceeded...it could be forgotten! It could be some futuristic moment yet-to-come! That, that I would like, the nights cleared out, pain transfigured, spectacles affecting us again, touching us again, for real, appearing again, awakening spirits: touch me again!”  (Louise van den Eede)

Countertenor, performer and opera director Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe and producer Laurens Mariën join forces once again for an electronic concert that navigates between a spectacle and a love ritual. Together with dancer Hanako Hayakawa and writer Louise van den Eede they cherish hope for a different society; where people find each other around poppy fires, where spectacles have a liberating primal force, where all possible forms of love constantly exchange costumes.

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Muziektheater Transparant en d e t h e a t e r m a k e r

Coproduction: Ancienne Belgique, STUK, Vooruit, DE Studio, Pilar, Het Nationale Theater and C-Takt 

With support of Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government and the Flemish Government. 


Location Dates Hour  
Kunstencentrum Stuk (Leuven)
+32 16 32 03 00
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Het Nationale Theater (Den Haag)
+31 88 3565356
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De Studio (Antwerpen)
+32 3 202 46 46
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Ancienne Belgique (Brussel)
+32 2 548 24 84
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Concept | Direction | Performer: Benjamin Abel MeirhaegheConcept | Composition | Performer: Laurens MariënConcept | Dramaturgy: Louise Van den EedeDance: Hanako HayakawaDramaturgy: Louise Van den EedeStyling: Paule JosepheMixing: Jasper SegersMusical performance: Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe • The Unrequired Love • Musicians recording: Mattias De Craene • Lander Gyselinck • David Nuwami