Genres and atmospheres, operateske dada blues punk pop, a high-pitched voice, dark beats and theatricality make spring of this grandly intimate spectacle.

The band The Unrequired Love of Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe and Laurens Mariën release an LP and an electronic concert that navigates between a spectacle and a love ritual. Fluctuating genres and atmospheres, operatesque dada blues punk pop, a highpitched voice, dark beats and theatricality make spring of this grandly intimate spectacle. Together with dancer Hanako Hayakawa and writer Louise van den Eede, they cherish hope for a different society where people find each other around poppy fires, where spectacles have a liberating primal force, where all possible forms of love constantly exchange costumes.

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Muziektheater Transparant and d e t h e a t e r m a k e r

Coproduction: Ancienne Belgique, STUK, Vooruit, DE Studio, Pilar, Het Nationale Theater, C-Takt and Perpodium. 

With the support of Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government and the Flemish Government. 


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Gentse Feesten (Gent)
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Theater aan Zee (Oostende)
+32 59 33 90 00
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CC De Velinx Tongeren (Tongeren)
+32 12 80 00 40
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Komische Oper Berlin (Berlin)
+49 30 47 99 74 00
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Concept | Direction | Performer: Benjamin Abel MeirhaegheConcept | Composition | Performer: Laurens MariënConcept | Dramaturgy: Louise Van den EedeDramaturgy: Louise Van den EedeStyling: Paule JosepheMixing: Jasper SegersMusicians recording: Mattias De Craene • Lander Gyselinck • David Nuwami • Dance: Hanako Hayakawa

... a piece of unadulterated magic. Meirhaeghe's impressive stage presence and his breathtaking vocal range has something to do with this. ... He combines pure operatic vocals with blues, intimate jazz and a sweep of screaming rock. This is passion kneased into music - 'operatic dada-blues-punk pop' - that cannot be tamed into a genre. ... Spectacles is a spectacular delight for every heart.

Els Van Steenberghe - Focus Knack **** - 01.09.2021

Benjamin is a hallucinatory talent. It’s a creator, a composer, a singer. … Benjamin plays both in the Flemish Opera and in the Vooruit. He is going to change things. … Spectales is a punk pop dada blues opera that plays with genres, with ambiances and dreams of a better word.

Julien Broquet - Focus Vif – 02.09.2021

His universe is baroque, grotesque, excessive, but also: beneficant, embracing, conciliatory. After two decades of theatre with sober forms and an explicit political approach, it seems that with Meirhaeghe there is again an enthusiasm for form and repertoire research, for play, for ensemble and above all: for theatre of doing instead of saying. For theatre that, if all goes well, prefers the politicising power of a daze to dry reflection. Celebrating there is an act of defiance.

Evelyne Coussens - De Morgen - 09.09.2021