Dance of the Seven Veils

Salome, with her infamous veil dance, has appealed to the imagination for centuries.

Like so many female characters, she was conceived by a series of male artists. In Dance of the Seven Veils Salome is unveiled and stripped of the dominant masculine gaze. And she dances her dance as a human being, subject to the inner struggles that have to be fought.
Director Aïda Gabriëls invites soprano Astrid Stockman and musicians Colin H. Van Eeckhout (Amenra) and Pieter-Jan Van Assche (Inner Forest) for an interdisciplinary intervention across the boundaries of their own genres. Dancer German Jauregui and sculptor Rui Barros accompany this live performance with their carnality. The brutal primal forces, drives and fears find their way to the stage through ecstatic dance, sculpting and ruining paper and wax sculptures and a soundtrack exploring the boundaries of the human voice.

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coproduction: Muziektheater Transparant, LOD muziektheater, Perpodium with Kunstencentrum Vooruit and Ancienne Belgique

Location Dates Hour
deSingel Antwerpen (Antwerpen)
+32 3 248 28 28
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LOD (Gent)
+32 9 266 11 33
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Ancienne Belgique (Brussel)
+32 2 548 24 00
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INSPIRATUM (Wijnegem )
+32 3 355 33 00
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Concept | Direction: Aïda GabriëlsLibretto: Ylona SupèrMusic: Astrid StockmanColin H. Van EeckhoutInnerwoud live scenography: Rui BarrosDramaturgy: Ylona SupèrTessa VannieuwenhuyzeDance: German Jauregui