Graduation project of Arne Luiting in cooperation with Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe after the ballet of Louis XIV in 1653.

Together with Arne Luiting, Sietske Van Aerde, Laurens Mariën, Alexandra Oppo and Louise Van den Eede will Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe delve into the twelve-hour mass spectacle that was entirely at the court of the French Sun King. In the opera ballet is the landscape of the night sung and danced. Full of entrées and interludes is the night divided in four parts where farmers, bandits, heroes, whores, aliens, coquettes, cripples, gods and mythical monsters meet in a polymorphic event.

The work Ballet de la Nuit will be seized again in an extravagant attempt to fight evil. Using scenography, opera, text and dance, a mix of seriousness and humor, praise and satire, mythology and contemporary politics let this performance, reduced to one hour, the king change into a jester.


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