A play by the Ensemble Intercontemporain and Muziektheater Transparant with Franz Schuberts song cycle about the romantic Wanderer as a starting point.

Both Borremans’ paintings and Schubert’s Winterreise exude the same infinite melacholy, the same lonely soul. Often the artist is the sole and pivotal character in a world where all individuals are inwardly focused, a world void of all relations. ‘Fremd bin ich eingezogen, Fremd zieh’ ich wieder aus’. 

Johan Simons, too, has a great affinity for the music of Schubert. At the Müncher Kammerspiele he directed Elfride Jelinek's Winterreise. The play was based on Schubert's song cycle about the romantic Wanderer. 

Commissioned by the prestigious Ensemble Intercontemporain, French composer Marc Andre composed short musical comments to Schubert’s songs. 

Three contemporary artists reveal new aspects of Schubert's ageless Winterreise, where both the composer and Borremans use enticingly beautiful tones to create a cool and somber world.


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