Les Âmes Perdues dives into the treasure chest of the 65 years old Eurovision Song Contest.

Les Âmes Perdues dives into 65 years of Eurovision Song Contests, with all their peculiarities, traditions and subcutaneous politics, but above all: the gigantic repertoire! The multi-talented ensemble makes arrangements of their personal competition favourites: a medley of last prize winners, renaissance style “Wild Dances”, three-part satires and sincere odes to passion - from Viva Victoria to Ding-a-Dong! Eurovisionary is more than a recital or a revue - it is both a narrative performance and an interactive competition. An ode to the festival, and at the same time a subversive interpretation of it.

“This trio surpass themselves in the stimulation of creativity in this whirl of musical styles. … These young performers are able to grab the audience’s attention not only musically, but also with their refined and refreshing humour. A delightful musical romp, with great entertainers and a closely involved audience, combining high and low culture in a scintillating parody.”

Viviane Redant - Klassiek Central - 20 September 2020

“They gave the songs a surprising new sound and the spoken links were extremely creative, though the event was also put into perspective and criticised for its commerciality and limited stimulation of show-business creativity, finally coming to the conclusion that it’s simply a guilty pleasure. What really made ‘Eurovisionary’ so much fun was that at the end the audience could just scan a QR code and vote which song would get the 12 points and be given the encore.”

Bert Hertog - Concertnews.be **** - 20 September 2020

“Following productions related to Kurt Weill and French chanson, in ‘Eurovisionary’ the outstanding classical musicians of Les Âmes Perdues not only demonstrate their versatility, but also sweep away the compartmentalisation of music. Douze points at the very least.”

Guy Van Vliet - Het Nieuwsblad **** - 23 September 2020

“‘Eurovisionary’ crackled with musicality: a feel-good trip through the history of the Eurovision Song Contest.”

Joost Galema - NRC - 28 September 2020