Composer Eric Sleichim Utopia :: 47 explores the meaning of Heinrich Schütz' spiritual music. In this passion Cristina Zavalloni embodies the figure of the suffering woman.

Utopia :: 47 is a musical Passion in two parts. The point of departure of the first part is the sacred music composed by Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672) during the Thirty Years War. For centuries sacred music was the ultimate symbol of hope: the longing for another and better world. That utopian dream was reflected in the beauty and natural balance of musical harmony

In the second part those questions get a radical musical answer. 2047. What is the point of music the day after ? What remains of musical tradition? How much of the musical universe of the past can we still understand and use? How should we react to Schütz’ music? Which alienating images of the past centuries have been burned into our memory?