Vasco Mendonça / Samuel Beckett

Reset is an interdisciplinary reflection on music, theatre, image and space, presented in the form of a performance for one actor, eight musicians and video. 

Reset is a piece about the attempt to join different disciplines. It is a piece about the impossibility of them ever being completely together. It is, in the end, a piece about the nature of performance, and the limits of artistic translation.

It combines the performance of three texts by Samuel Beckett (a poem, What would I do without this world?, a radio play, Cascando; and a theatre play, Ohio Impromptu) with an interdisciplinary reflection on them. From this combination the dramaturgy of the piece emerges: Reset is a play in which other plays are being performed; in which actors and musicians are performing a character, but also perform as themselves; where, in the end, reality becomes the enactment of fiction.

Reset is an event where light, sound, man and space become characters in a multimedia choreography of repetition and difference, closeness and absence, self and other.

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A production of VHProduções, Lisboa in coproduction with Muziektheater Transparant, Festival TEMPS D’IMAGES 2006 / DUPLACENA (Lisboa), Culturgest (Lisboa), Casa da Música (Porto) with the support of Instituto das Artes/ Portuguese Ministry of Culture. 

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Text: Samuel Beckett • Set Design: UR Architects: Nikolaas Vande Keere, Regis Verplaetse • Video: Sandro Carlo Cortez Viana De Aguilar • Actor: Jonathan Weightman • Soprano: Joana Manuel • Countertenor: Manuel Bràs Da Costa • Bariton: Rui Baeta • Composition: Vasco MendonçaDirection: Caroline Petrick