An entirely new and contemporary version of the Greek tragedy of Medea written Peter Verhelst, with a new composition of Wim Henderickx.

De Veenfabriek and Muziektheater Transparant, bring an entirely new and contemporary version of the Greek tragedy of Medea.

The character of Medea has always spoken to the imagination. The sorceress Medea helps Jason and the Argonauts with the conquest of the legendary ‘Golden Fleece’. Jason and Medea become lovers. Together they set to Greece, but Jason leaves Medea, because of  political and territorial reasons, for another women. Deeply insulted, Medea decides to kill their two sons.In this adaptation, the myth is told from the point of view of the old King Creon, who thought he would save his kingdom but ultimately loses everything.


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Muziektheater Transparant and Veenfabriek in coproduction with deSingel, Operadagen Rotterdam and HERMESensemble. With the support of provincie Antwerpen.

Location Dates Hour  
Concert en Congresgebouw De Doelen (Rotterdam)
+31 10 217 17 00
De Bijloke Muziekcentrum (Gent)
+32 9 233 68 78
Stadsschouwburg Utrecht (Utrecht)
+31 30 230 20 23
Text | Libretto: Peter VerhelstComposition | Musical direction: Wim HenderickxDirection: Paul Koek