The story of the legendary exotic dancer and alleged spy Mata Hari in a theatrical songrecital. 
In the time of peace she was hailed as an erotic dancer and loved by the most powerful men of the continent. In wartime she was accused of being a spy and mercilessly executed by the same men. In this theatrical song recital, her story is told by Josse De Pauw on a film screen from the perspective of the many men in (and after) her life. Soprano Claron McFadden and pianist Claire Chevallier offer a rebuttal with music by Mata Hari’s contemporaries and with letters from the infamous dancer herself. 


“A musical portrait of Mata Hari played and sung with verve and musical zest.”

Els Van Steenberghe - Knack Focus - 11 September 2017

“Based on original letters and memoirs, Mata Hari's life is narrated and besung with plenty of 'Schwung'.”

Els Van Steenberghe - Knack Focus - 11 September 2017

“Chevallier accompanies McFadden from behind her grand piano with warm, flowing and soft tones. Her piano playing is flexible and not too expressive. This means her music lends itself excellently as an accompaniment to McFadden's expressive … soprano.”

Els Van Steenberghe - Knack Focus - 11 September 2017

“… played with Love, electrifying music theatre …”

Els Van Steenberghe - Knack Focus - 11 September 2017

“The songs - almost all French songs, with the exception of Schönberg's Gigerlette and Walton's Old Sir Faulk - fit perfectly in the series of memories and flashbacks.”

Il Grand’ Inquisitor - 9 September 2017


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