Multydisciplinary performance about the tragic love story of Adam and his first wife.

Claron McFadden’s first music-theatre project as a theatre-maker tells the tragic tale of Lilith, Adam’s first wife, created simultaneously with him and on an equal footing. 

When Lilith refuses to subject herself to Adam, he rejects her. Having been humiliated by Adam and abandoned by God, Lilith leaves Paradise and wanders endlessly in search of love, taking a countless number of lovers but never able to forget Adam entirely. By combining various media and musical styles, McFadden builds up a dramatic tension in which she, as the licentious Lilith, confronts Adam, who addresses her from a projection screen. The account of their failed relationship is larded with memories of their most intimate moments. Words of love become words of regret, and desires they have never come to terms with end in accusations. Accompanied by the composer and pianist Dimitar Bodurov, Claron McFadden impressively portrays this solitary woman who is both vulnerable and assertive in her conviction. The sudden death of Claron’s opposite number, Jeroen Willems, in December 2012, just a few months after the premiere, made Lilith a particularly moving document.


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Produced by Muziektheater Transparant, Holland Festival and Operdagen Rotterdam, co-produced by Concertgebouw Brugge, Klarafestival and Korzo Producties. 

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Radar Festival (Varna)
Concept | Vocals: Claron McFaddenComposition | Piano: Dimitar Bodurov • Libretto: Carola Luther • Performers: Claron McFadden • Dimitar Bodurov • Video: Frans Weisz • Set design | Lighting design: Tom Schenk • Lighting design: Peter QuastersCostumes: Zoe Monti • Acting in video | Vocals in video: Jeroen Willems