Holle Haven

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An unseen glitzy version of Paul Van Ostaijen's classic, adapted to  a corona context, for spoken word, mezzo-soprano & prepared piano.  

The creation of Holle Haven started in a full - first - lockdown; four artists at four locations. At the request of De Buren, Gaea Schoeters rewrote Paul Van Ostaijen's poem Holle Haven for the Infected City project. Through a process of co-creation, improvisation and composition, this new Holle Haven grew into a performance in which the singing gives a voice to Van Ostaijen, the spoken word text colours the contemporary context and the piano shapes the city. 

Holle Haven is part of a research project in which these four artists critically examine the traditional creative processes of interdisciplinary (music theatre) productions together. At the same time they explore the boundaries of spoken word and contemporary classical music, trying to stretch the boundaries of these genres through these cross-pollinations to arrive at a kind of slam 2.0

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Lies Colman, Els Mondelaers, Gaea Schoeters, Annelies Van Parys

Coproduction: Muziektheater Transprant, Studio Minailo & Concertgebouw Brugge.

A writing assignment by De Buren in the context of the project Besmette Stad (Infected City). 

With the support of Stad Antwerpen.

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O. (Rotterdam)
+ 31 1 436 60 70
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co-creation: Gaea SchoetersAnnelies Van Parys • Lies Colman • Els MondelaersComposition: Annelies Van ParysText: Gaea SchoetersCast: Annelies Van ParysGaea Schoeters • Lies Colman • Els MondelaersDirection: Sjaron Minailo • Video: Sébastien Van Malleghem