February 2019

Production Location Date
The VisitNTGent01/02/2019
Diary of One Who DisappearedL'Onde - Théâtre et Centre d'Art01/02/2019
The VisitKultuurfaktorij Monty Antwerpen02/02/2019
The VisitKultuurfaktorij Monty Antwerpen03/02/2019
Diary of One Who DisappearedOpéra De Rouen07/02/2019
Diary of One Who DisappearedOpéra De Rouen08/02/2019
UsherFolkoperan Stockholm14/02/2019
UsherFolkoperan Stockholm16/02/2019
UsherFolkoperan Stockholm17/02/2019
UsherFolkoperan Stockholm20/02/2019
UsherFolkoperan Stockholm22/02/2019
UsherFolkoperan Stockholm23/02/2019
The Towers of Beirut (10+)CC Brugge25/02/2019
The Towers of Beirut (10+)CC Brugge26/02/2019
UsherFolkoperan Stockholm27/02/2019