A sarcastic portrait of a jewish avant-garde composer.

German composer Stefan Wolpe (1902-1972) was one of the leading figures of the anti-fascist and social movement during the Weimar-republic. Being a leftist intellectual Jew, he emigrated to the USA after spending a few years in Palestina. His music, including dozens of songs for cabaret, workers-organisations and street theatre, gained a popularity comparable to Eisler’s. Wolpe’s oeuvre is a mix of Western, Eastern and jazz-influences, melted into sarcastic cabaret, speeches, street music, opera-imitations, foxtrot and sentimental waltzes, chorals and war-reports.

With texts, songs and works for piano, Johan Bossers, Gunnar Brandt, Viviane De Muynck and Caroline Petrick join their forces to explore and confront this fascinating oeuvre.

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A production of Muziektheater Transparant in coproduction with de Beursschouwburg.

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Piano: Johan Bossers • Tenor: Gunnar Brandt • Set Design: Herman Sorgeloos • Thanks to: Anne-Catherine Kunz • Coach: Caroline PetrickPlay: Viviane De Muynck