A conservatory project of Babette Craens. Two singers give expression to and depict the duality in Virginia Woolf’s thinking.

Virginia Woolf ’s diaries contain an intimate portrait of an extraordinary women in a man’s world who suffers from mental health problems. Pianist Babette Craens converts Dominick Argento’s song cycle From the Diaries of Virginia Woolf (1974) into a contemporary music theatre performance from a modern woman’s perspective. Singers Lorena Rexhepi and Herlinde Van de Straete express and visualize the duality of Virginia’s mind, while Rúben Borges (1994) responds with soundscapes. Director Wouter Van Looy stages Virginia’s world and the ongoing stigma around mental health

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Translab-Muziektheater Transparant.

In collaboration with Royal Conservatory Antwerp.

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Composition: Dominick Argento • Rúben borges • Text: Virginia Woolf • Text Adaptation: Babette Craens • Concept | Musical direction | Piano: Babette Craens • Coaching | Final direction: Wouter Van LooyLight design: Wim Bernaerts • Vocals: Herlinde Van de Straete • Lorena Rexhepi