New opera by Wim Henderickx based on the bizzling novel The Convert by Stefan Hertmans about the quest of a woman who has to laver between her faith and the faith of her lover.

In the historical novel The Convert (Stefan Hertmans), Vigdis Adelaïs is torn between her Christian upbringing and the Jewish faith of her lover. After a bloody pogrom, she is separated from her children and does everything in her power to be reunited with them. Composer Wim Henderickx translates these universal themes into an opera about identity, impossible love, faith and human strength. To this end, he combines Western, Jewish and Arab musical influences into a symbiotic epic. Soprano Lore Binon performs Vigdis, while singers of Opera Ballet Flanders and an Antwerp 'community choir' fill in the other roles. In an ancient world that is astonishingly similar to our own, director and visual artist Hans Op de Beeck creates a poetic visual for Vigdis' quest.


  • Composition • Wim Henderickx
  • Libretto • Krystian Lada
  • Musical direction • Koen Kessels
  • Direction | Scenography | Costumes • Hans Op de Beeck
  • Choir direction • Jan Schweiger
  • Children's choir direction • Hendrik Derolez
  • Dramaturgy • Koen Bollen
  • Cast • Lore Binon / Amel Brahim Djelloul / Fran├žoise Atlan / Daniel Arnaldos / Ensemble Opera Ballet Flanders
  • Electronics • Jorrit Tamminga
  • Orchestra • Symphonic Orchestra Opera Ballet Flanders
  • Choir • Members of the children's choir and the choir Opera Ballet Flanders / Community choir Madam Fortuna in collaboration with Het Oude Badhuis