Inspired by the Great American Songbook, the canon of the important jazz and light music of the 20th century, Claron McFadden and Tuur Florizoone have compiled their own repertoire.

The Great American Songbook is the canon of the most important jazz and light music of the twentieth century. The songs, also referred to as standards, originate mainly from Broadway musicals, music theatre and Hollywood musical films from the 1920s to the 1950s. The well-known composers whose works have become standards include George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, Harold Arlen and Richard Rodgers, and the renowned performers of these songs were Frank Sinatra, Al Jolson, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald and many others. During the crisis years of the 1930s and during the two world wars, these songs offered the hope of better times to come. They also set the tone at times of victory and economic growth. The positive values and optimistic attitudes heard in these songs made them into the soundtrack for American life. Now, inspired by this Great American Songbook, Claron McFadden and Tuur Florizoone have compiled their own repertoire of songs, called Songbook. The Rockoxhuis Museum has invited them to perform a special concert on one of the Rockox Sundays.

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Produced by Muziektheater Transparant in association with KBC.

Location Dates Hour  
De Zondagen van Rockox (Antwerpen)
+32 3 201 92 50
Vocals: Claron McFaddenAccordion: Tuur Florizoone