During Serenade, a greeting to the other is offered by way of association, quotation, dancing and singing. 


Serenade is an ode to love in all its myriad complexities. The score is eclectic, composed of familiar and less familiar voices. A quirky celebration in which love is queer; disruptive, binding, fluid and elusive. Inspired by Franz Schubert, Louis Janssens depicts a night in which a web of stories, songs and texts come together. Thus a cerebral and emotional world unfolds that does not shy away from strong emotions. A greeting to the other is offered by way of association, quotation, dancing and singing. Serenade wants to be an invitation to watch, question and be curious about all that is stimulating and inspiring. 

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Coproduction: detheatermaker and Muziektheater Transparant.

With the support of the Flemish Government & O. Festival for Opera. Music. Theatre.

With thanks to CAMPO, Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam, CC Berchem, Kaaitheater, Celeste Verhoeven, Fortuna Mahieu, Mitch van Landeghem, Maya Dhondt, Tim Taveirne, Willem de Wolf, Zindzi Tillot Owusu, Bauke Lievens, Nora Ramakers & Tessa Vannieuwenhuyze.

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Tweetakt/Kaap Utrecht (Utrecht)
+31 30 711 66 40
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Theater aan Zee (Oostende)
+32 59 33 90 00
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CC C-mine Genk (Genk)
+32 89 65 50 00
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CC Deurne (Deurne)
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CC De Werf Aalst (Aalst)
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CC Brasschaat (Brasschaat)
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Theater De Verbeelding (Purmerend)
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CC Hasselt (Hasselt)
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CC De Kern Wilrijk (Wilrijk)
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Theater Malpertuis (Tielt)
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Concept I Performer: Louis JanssensDramaturgy: Simon Baetens • Elias D'hollander • Artistic advice: Ferre Marnef • Coach: Peter Seynaeve • Light design: Max Adams

That is perhaps Serenade's greatest achievement: without revealing many direct biographical details, Janssens creates an intimate portrait of a young man with a great desire for dark romance. The performance feels like an episode of Zomergasten in which the guest interviews himself, and has shown up with pieces of music instead of image fragments. ... Serenade offers a captivating and moving encounter with a deep-romantic spirit.

Theaterkrant - Marijn Lems - 25.08.2021

In Serenade, Janssens shows himself to be an authentic performer. He sings and celebrates the primary emotions that give life depth and that can be destructive at the same time. ... Serenade is ego document and collage in one, an intimate portrait of an extroverted young artist, who does not shy away from romance.

Etcetera - Joost Segers - 02.09.2021

Louis Janssens exposes his heart and soul in the solo performance 'Serenade'. With Franz Schubert as a guide, he takes you on a journey through his fears and desires. 'Love' is the solution' is the decision.

Pzazz - Lieve Dierickx - 10.09.2021

Perhaps the strength of this piece lies not so much in the content but rather in the most courageous way in which Janssens almost literally shows his vulnerability on stage. In all personal memories there is an undertone of uncertainty, of fear of failure, and yet he brings them to life with self-assurance and through his presence. ... and yet a kind of connection is created, between Janssens and the composers he adores and between Janssens and us, his audience.

Pzazz - Elie agniel - 17.09.2021