A new version with  IOA (International Opera Academy) of the first groundbreaking & multi-award winning opera by Annelies of Parys, after a thriller by Hitchcock.

We all spy on the neighbours from time to time. When we do so, do we see the truth – or is that ‘truth’ coloured by our own perspectives? Should we ever intervene? Are we complicit in what we see? A cry in the night, a vanished neighbour: will shared fear draw us out of our isolation? 

For her first opera Private View, the composer Annelies Van Parys chose to take as her starting point Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller Rear Window, about a murder in a block of flats. Her collaboration with the librettist Jen Hadfield, scenarist Gaea Schoeters and director Tom Creed led to the creation of a pioneering opera that won several awards.

Having premiered six years ago at Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, this Hitchcock-inspired thriller by Annelies Van Parys is revisited by director Tom Creed, in a new production of Muziektheater Transparant, SPECTRA and the young artists of the International Opera Academy.  


“Private view is an exciting alliance between music and cinema.”

Klassiek Centraal - 20 februari 2021


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