La Mort de Sainte Almeenne / L'idee

Arthur Honegger / Max Jacob

Arthur Honegger's never finished opera is finally completed by French composer Nicolas Bacri and now has its long-awaited world première.

In 1918 Arthur Honegger wrote a version of his opera The Death of St Alméenne for voice and piano. The piece was based on a mystery play by Max Jacob, about a woman who challenges the value of earthly love. Lack of money meant the work was never finished. This new version, completed by French composer Nicolas Bacri, brings this unknown gem its long-awaited world première. 

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A production of Muziektheater Transparant & Muziekcentrum Vredenburg. 

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Musical direction: Etienne SiebensCostumes: Dorothée Catry • Musical performance: Beethoven Academie • Prometheus Ensemble • Le Jeune Homme: Marcel Boone • L'Ange: Anne Cambier • La Soeur: Corinne Romijn • Sainte Alméenne: Renate Arends • Direction: Caroline PetrickLighting design: Alejandro le Roux