Music Factory

An interactive production for 5+

An interactive production for the youngest played by Gert Jochems with music by Jan Van Outryve.

Music Factory explores together with a young and adult audience the musical universe of a symphonic orchestra. On stage, the musicians are playing, according to the indications of the conductor. But what happens when he suddenly stops conducting? The orchestra is lost without its captain. Or maybe not? A new leader is called for help, but under his direction, conducting becomes something completely  different…

To get the musicians back to work, he invites the audience to take place on stage and to manipulate the group in an original and more personal way. Loud or silent, high or low, fast or slow… Maybe someone feels like going backstage and dressing into a special outfit, and when coming back conducting the orchestra by shaking his hips and shoulders. To attend a classical concert doesn't necessarily mean to sit down in a chair and listen.

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A coproduction of Zonzo Compagnie, Musikkollegium Winterthur and Muziekthear Transparant.

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Musical performance: Antwerp Symphony Orchestra Set | Light: Gerd Van Looy • Diony Hoogenboom • Composition: Jan Van OutryvePlay: Gert Jochems • Conductor: Ruud Van Eeten