In Le coupeur d'eau Dirk Roofthooft gives voice to a water company official, who looks back on the collective suicide of a family, after he visited them to cut off their water supply. 

Le coupeur d’eau is based on Marguerite Duras’ short story of the same name, in which she zooms in on a tragic but minor incident: the collective suicide of a family following a visit from a water company official to cut off their water supply. In just a few pages, the author meticulously outlines the heat of the summer, the family’s poverty, and the indifference of the village community and the company official, who abandon a woman and her young children without the slightest compassion.
The actor Dirk Roofthooft became fascinated by the tale and sought out the story behind the facts. Who was the man who turned off the water? Was he aware of the consequences of his action? In this compelling monologue, Roofthooft gives the man a voice. He is a broken man looking back and trying to clear his conscience. Together with the saxophonist Piet Rebel, the musician and sound designer Diederik De Cock on drums and guitar provides an explosive sound setting. Raw tones alternate with subtle soundscapes, translating the feelings of emptiness, rage and shame into sound.





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