Jullie die weten

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Stefan Hertmans

An adaptation of Mozarts Le Nozze di Figaro by Johann Nepomuk Went, with scenography and costumes by Veronique Branquinho. 

Taking its title from Voi che sapete, this piece, freely adapted from Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro, focuses on the relationship between Count and Countess, contrasting the feminine, romantic and faithful with the masculine tendency toward adventure and betrayal. Into this steps the eighteenth-century androgynous figure of Cherubino, who is both masculine and feminine, both angelic and seductive. His famous aria (you who know what love is, tell me: is it this that I feel?) is as central as Cherubino himself, providing a conscious connection between audience and performance. As the audience follows each intrigue and counter-intrigue, each fidelity and infidelity, it is as though they themselves are learning about love for the first time. Cherubino’s aria, together with other famous moments from Mozart and Da Ponte’s opera form a series of tableaux vivants about love both good and bad.

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A production of Muziektheater Transparant, Festival van Vlaanderen, Poëziecentrum vzw and I Solisti del Vento.

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Text: Stefan Hertmans • Actors: Steven van Watermeulen • Natali Broods • Ensemble: I Solisti del Vento • Musical direction: Francis Pollet • Concept Direction: Sam Louwyck • Veronique Branquinho • Scenography | Costumes: Veronique Branquinho