Here and There

HERE AND THERE is a series of encounters between artists from different cities but with common roots.

Together with Rajiv Bhagwanbali they research how the diaspora influences music styles.

Rotterdam hip-hop artist Kay Slice is ‘on a mission’: to merge his music and cultural heritage. With his debut album From Back to Back, recorded in Ghana, Kay Slice already took the first step towards bringing the two together. Together with Cool Joe he examines the Ghanaian musical influences on contemporary hip-hop and their own work. The result is a musical showcase that is a cross between hip-hop, Afrobeat, soul and Ghanaian traditional sounds.


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O. Festival for Opera. Music.Theatre.

Coproduction: DE SINGEL and Muziektheater Transparant. 

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deSingel Antwerpen (Antwerpen)
+32 3 248 28 28
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Concept | Guidance: Rajiv Bhagwanbali • Musical performance: Kay Slice & Band (Rotterdam) • Cool Joe (Antwerpen)