An interactive children's play with music by Bert Bernaerts based on the new technologies that influence musical developments.

A man discovers a space… Not just an ordinary space, as in every corner a musical surprise pops up. Together with the audience the man starts an exploration. Daily actions like cycling, drawing, gaming unexpectedly lead to music, sometimes produced by a musician on stage, sometimes generated by electronic installations controlled by the audience. One discovery comes after another and soon the air is filled with an interactive, visual concert. 

Over the last decades, electronics have had an enormous influence on developments in the world of music. Composers, musicians within a wide range of styles and creative installation artists all make use of electronics and new technologies. During the past seasons Muziektheater Transparant, in collaboration with John Torso, conquered a corner of the world with Radio Ping Pong, that used the principles of improvised music. 

Feedback was created in order of a collaboration between some international organisations, proceeding from the successful performance Radio Ping Pong. But this time it’s the use of electronics in a game of musical ping-pong between the actors and the audience that opens the door to direct input and feedback. For Feedback, Transparant is collaborating with Steim, the leading institute for electronic and improvised music in Amsterdam. Bert Bernaerts provides new music for the production.

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A production by Muziektheater Transparant in coproduction with Steim. Commissioned and supported by: Philharmonie - Luxemburg, Luxemburg 2007, Musik Triennale Köln, Manchester International Festival, Jeunesse Austria.

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Actor: Rudi Galindo • Realized by: René Wassenberg • Software | Sound Engineering: Pieter Thijs • Electronic installations: Michel Waisvisz • Frank Baldé • Set | Light: Anne Van Es • Composition: Bert Bernaerts • Trumpet | Tuba | Electronics: Bert Bernaerts