Enoch Arden

Richard Strauss / Alfred Tennyson

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A timeless and heartbreaking tale, written by Alfred Tennylson in 1864, played by Dirk Roofthooft. 

Alfred Tennylson's timeless and heartbreaking tale of love and sacrifice was written in 1864, and given a delicate piano score by Richard Strauss in 1897. Set in a small harbour village, with its mill and red roofs, the story plays out against the backdrop of the English coast. Two friends, Enoch and Philip, have loved Annie Lee for as long as they can remember. When Annie chooses Enoch, Philip suffers in silence. But one day, Enoch fails to return home from a long sea voyage and Philip steps in to take care of the now fatherless family. Enoch later returns, but sees the changes that have taken place and accepts them. He hides his love, only revealing to Annie on his deathbed that he has love her all from afar all his life. 

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A production of Muziektheater Transparant in collaboration with Festival van Vlaanderen (Brussels-Ghent) & Zeeland nazomer Festival. 

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Piano: Guy VandrommeTranslation: Céline Linssen • Scenography | Video : Eric de KuyperLighting design: Roel Ghesquière • Concept | Direction | Play: Dirk Roofthooft