Discover your own intuitive musical creativity and voice in this workshop given by Claron McFadden, Halldór Bjarki Arnarson and Sjaron Minailo.

Claron McFadden on her SWARM! workshop:

‘I developed SWARM! fifteen years ago and have given the workshop at various conservatoires, at the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World Competition and at the Opera Forward Festival. The workshop stems from my own fear and self-criticism as a performer. Thanks to free improvisation, I learned how to deal with those feelings in a different way. I am very curious and am always looking to connect with others, on stage and off … A real chamber musician!

SWARM! focuses on the discovery of your own intuitive creativity and how improvisation can bring about a connecting, collective energy in a group: a group that swarms together, moving as one towards a common goal. I developed this workshop in the first place for singers, but I believe that everyone who is open-minded and not afraid to make ‘noise’ with their body can benefit from this workshop.

The workshop explores how you can be more flexible in finding (musical) freedom in a clear structure and it explores each person’s own creative voice in that given structure. It gives rise to wonderful works of art, songs composed in the moment, recitals and even spontaneously created operas!’

SWARM! takes place this summer at Grange ‘Goussaroc’ (FR) from 30.07.2022 to 06.08.2022. Claron McFadden is the artistic coordinator of the workshop. Assisted by musical coordinator Halldór Bjarki Arnarson and director Sjaron Minailo, who supports the theatrical process, the trio will accompany the following artists throughout this week:

Kato De Clercq (vocals/cello), Arturo den Hartog (vocals), Filipe Faustino (vocals), Sonia Sheridan Jacquelin (vocals), Nienke Nasserian (vocals), Sophia Pozdnyakova (composer/vocals), Herlinde Van de Straete (vocals/violin).

A novelty is the public presentation titled I.C.T.O that will be performed at the end of the workshop week. During the workshop, participants will develop their own characters within the givenstructure. During the performance, they will create arias, recitatives, duets or ensemble pieces as a choir. They will search for freedom within the developed framework.



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Claron McFadden.

Coproduction: Muziektheater Transparant and O. Festival For Opera. Music. Theatre.

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