Alles Liebe

Youth opera workshop based on Samson by Georg Friedrich Händel

Young people create their own version of a piece of baroque cultural heritage, Samson by Georg Friedrich Händel, directed by Ruud Gielens.

Each summer, Muziektheater Transparant organises a rehearsal process for young singers and musicians, who create their own version of a piece of baroque cultural heritage. This project culminates in a performance. A simple concept that has proven to be successful.

With productions such as The Tempest, Zone Orfeo, and Drift, Transparant won much acclaim throughout Europe. Drift was selected for the 2004 Flemish-Dutch Theatre Festival. For many of the original performers, these were their first steps along the road to a professional career and for others it was simply a chance to get involved in opera and musical theatre. This summer, the focus will be on Händel’s Samson. Advised by professional coaches, the singers are involved intensively in all aspects of the staging. Together with the musicians they get a thorough training in the interpretation of baroque music. On the 24th of July, the result will be presented twice to the public.

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A production by Muziektheater Transparant, in coproduction with deSingel and YO! Opera Festival, Utrecht. In collaboration with the Royal Conservatory Antwerp.

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Musical adaptation: Jan Van OutryveChoreography: Jo-An Lauwaert • Orchestral Coach: Thomas Baeté • Vocal coach: Ayala Sicron • Direction: Ruud Gielens