LABYRINTH: Summer School Youth project by Muziektheater Transparant and DE SINGEL

Auditions: 23/24 April &/or 30 April 2022

Rehearsals: 15 to 26 August 2022, Performances: 27 & 28 August 2022


This summer, we delve into Greek mythological stories under the title LABYRINTH. From the Orpheus myth, the wandering Odysseus to the unfortunate Ariadne. More than ever, the project is open to diverse talent, with and without classical training, because we believe that the strength of the music theatre of the future lies precisely in that openness and diversity.

Do you take singing lessons or write your own songs? Are you an improvisational talent or do you like to sink your teeth into beautiful scores? Are you a rapper or a composer? A miracle with electronics or a classical virtuoso? The only thing that really matters in this project is your willingness to create together and discover the possibilities of musical theatre.

HOW: APPLICATION FORM.  After your registration, we will send you a detailed assignment adapted to your level, genre and instrument. The auditions take place in an open and creative atmosphere and are a nice meeting point between you and our team.

COST PRICE: 200 euros compulsory catering contribution

WHAT: Muziektheater Transparant's annual youth project has for years been the place where young musical talent gathers during the summer. Many generations of singers and instrumentalists took their first steps on stage there and discovered their talent and passion for opera and musical theatre. Coached by a professional team of international theatre makers and musicians, a musical theatre performance is created during a two-week internship. The project concludes with a series of performances on the stages of DE SINGEL, which co-produces the project. In the past, this has resulted in strong performances and unforgettable experiences for the participants.

WITH: This year, two young creators are responsible for setting out the theatrical lines. These are Louise Bergez and Jesse Vandamme, who have caused a sensation in recent years with their collective Camping Sunset. For the musical direction, we are continuing to work with the French composer, bassist and conductor Brice Soniano who, together with An Pierlé, realised the brilliant ALICE last year within the same project. He gathers around him Naomi Beeldens and Isaak Duerinck from the Antwerp collective Les Âmes Perdues and the Dutch violinist, composer and improviser Oene van Geel.


FOR WHOM: The LABYRINT offers access to various PROFILES (between 15 and 25 years of age)

Ω viola de gamba, (celtic, triple) harp, theorbo and other lutes, baroque guitar, mandoline, zither, lyre, recorder, strings

β  violin, viola, cello, double-bass, modern harp

Γ  trumpet, (soprano, alto, tenor, baryton) saxophones, trombone, euphonium, tuba, french horn, flute, alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon,

ϕ marimba, vibraphone, classical percussions

Δ percussions from a folkloric tradition (like indian tabla, congas, derbuka, pandeiro, repique, daf, bendir, Riq, etc), drums (jazz, rock, funk or metal)

ζ composition, singer-songwriting, rap, hip-hop, spoken words

π Voice & choir

θ Jazz musicians and improvisers 

ψ  classical guitar, classical piano, harpsichord, forte piano, organetto, bandoneon, organ, accordion

ω modular synth, keyboards, moog, fender rhodes, live electronics, other electronics related instruments

ϙ Saz, ney, bansuri, sitar or any melodic instrument from a folkloric tradition



Transparant's summer projects are much more than the presentation of a project or performance; they represent the sharing of passion in all its forms, creating by trial and error, pushing back frontiers, growing, getting to know different people, and experiencing moments which later turn into wonderful memories! Quote from Emma Wils, ex-participant in summer project 'A.L.I.C.E 2021