TRANSLAB - 2021-2022

  • La Loba

    La Loba

    A score and manifesto about the archaic - or fluid - duality of masculinity and femininity, of the dichotomy in man.

  • Missa Homo Sacer

    Missa Homo Sacer

    A theatrical mass: a composition for a male body, a five-part female choir and a man with an electric guitar.

  • Missa Mater Sola

    Missa Mater Sola

    An ode to the natural primal force of the protective, healing mother archetype full of unconditional love.

  • Silent Night

    Silent Night

    The story of people from a small village where everyone knows each other and thinks they know everything about everyone.

  • Virginia


    A conservatory project of Babette Craens. Two singers give expression to and depict the duality in Virginia Woolf’s thinking.

  • A.L.I.C.E.


    Atypical Chastening Iconic Charismatic Experiment. This is the youth opera for 2020.