A transdisciplinary live performance.

STYX is a live installation, an encounter between visual arts, performing arts and the audience. The museum, the collection and the architecture are scenography, co-performer and point of contrast in dialogue with the performance. STYX serves as a vehicle for projecting one's reflections and contemplations: the audience is invited to walk freely through the created universe and experience it independently. For each performance location, STYX is recreated within the space. A base of 5 artists - the original cast includes Mireille Capelle (mezzo-soprano), Adriaan de Roover (electronics), Timo Tembuyser (voice & movement), Matteo Sedda (movement) & Marc Tooten (viola) - will be complemented by local performers. 

Director Aïda Gabriëls creates her work by reflecting on the opera genre in the present. STYX was originally conceived within the context of Clair/Obscur, an exhibition of Renato Nicolodi at Axel Vervoordt Gallery. 




Concept & direction: Aïda Gabriëls

Dramaturgy: Tessa Vannieuwenhuyze & Rudi Laermans

Light Design & Scenography: Anne Van Es

Creation and play: Mireille Capelle, Nel Maertens, Aya Suzuki, Matteo Sedda, Timo Tembuyser, Marc Tooten & Adriaan de Roover

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Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen (Antwerpen)
+32 3 238 78 09
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O. (Rotterdam)
+ 31 1 436 60 70
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