A performance-concert as a ritual with a jester as a shaman.

Spectacles is in a constant course of content and transformation of atmospheres. With the help of classical and contemporary symbols we turn reality into a more surrealistic ideal. The shades of style (a kind of operateske dada blues punkpop) and themes create an extravagant ritual that turns past, present and future into a reshuffled mystery.

The music is largely composed electronically, with the addition of some acoustic interventions and field recordings. We are inspired by elegant pop (Grace Jones, Björk) on bombastic, aggressive pop (Holly Herndon, Anohni, Arca) on jazz, funk, punk, gospel, trance, fado and of course opera. The result is an own kind of 'operateske dada blues punkpop'.

"Mimicry is a change of appearance rather than of nature." It is taking on an appearance but remaining the same inwardly. It is taking up a space and changing its own form, one that changes/integrates into the space and thus determines the space. The constant changes and his appearances are also the building blocks of the well and cleverly directed spectacle of the jester.

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Ancienne Belgique, Vooruit, STUK, Muziektheater Transparant, d e t h e a t e r m a k e r,  DE Studio, Pilar, Het Nationale Theater and C-Takt

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Kunstencentrum Stuk (Leuven)
+32 16 32 03 00
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Vocals: Benjamin Abel MeirhaegheMusic: Laurens MariënMixing: Jasper Segers • Dramaturgy: Louise Van den EedeDance: Hanako Hayakawa • Costumes: Hannah Vanspauwen