Workshop 'There is no why here' - deSingel 18-21 SEPT 13: DAY2 PARTII

Vrijdag 20 september 2013

If we do that, we have to answer to evil 

During lunch time, Aline remarks that sound is starting to haunt her. When her boyfriend was preparing dinner the previous evening, she kept hearing new possibilities of sound.  Even at lunch the group has to resist the urge to start creating sounds with butter, cheese or cutlery.
In the afternoon, they try the improvisation one more time. Again, new ideas come forth and interesting images are produced, some of which cause hilarity. Witty suggestions of integrating Danke Schön or Michael Jackson come up. David warns jokingly: “if we do that, we have to answer to evil”.

Evil is what makes fear, and fear is what makes evil

After a small coffee break, it is time for a new scene. Even though Andrea says he does not like to read the words of the text to the performers because he prefers an intuitive approach, he does feel obliged to give a little bit of background for this part. One sentence is central: evil is what makes fear, and fear is what makes evil. It is this idea of circularity that defines the scene. This time, there are only three performers (Aline, Sander, Annelinde). Also, all objects are gone, the stage is cleared and they are left with just each other. To the sound of Andrea playing piano, a play of resisting and giving in, breaking away and coming together, both vocally and in movement, starts. All is centered around that idea that there is no reason for reality but reality is. The constructs to justify our existence do not work anymore, but we exist. There is no why here.


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