Workshop 'There is no why here' - deSingel 18 - 21 SEPT 13: DAY3

Vrijdag 20 september 2013

11 o’clock, Music Studio, deSingel, Antwerp. Third day of the workshop. After some short warm-up exercises, it is time to practice a new scene. For this part of the performance, Aline, Annelinde, Sander and David have to discover a sound repertoire that can match the actions of a group of people throwing objects at a wall, a target far away. Within this act of aggression, even ritual, the performers attempt to see what they can do vocally.

Today will be a search for new vocal possibilities that can perform as a counterpoint for the obvious noises. To use as props, Wouter crumples up paper that they can safely throw at each other. After a few improvisations, it becomes clear that this scene is a challenge. Different options are tested, discarded, changed and tested again. The discussion about feelings, imagination, reality vs acting, and dangers keeps going back and forth. As David confesses: “Performing this is rough”. Time for a break!

In the afternoon, the singers try a more mechanical approach. Andrea wants them to imagine two sounds, one long, high-pitched when they are in an observing position, and one quick to go with the action. Andrea is happy: “I love it, this is the key, this structured succession of simple patterns. It solves a whole bunch of problems we had before lunch.” However, some problems remain. The discussion changes into a discussion about the direction they are going in. David defines it as a problem of freedom. Taking away all limits and rules of style creates an infinite amount of possibilities, but is at the same time incredibly difficult. It becomes clear that they only have a short amount of time together and still a lot to achieve.

A small break brings new energy and a change of scene. For this part of the performance only Aline and Annelinde are on stage, together with the female lead, Cristina Zavalloni. They recite sentences from an interview in a scientific journal, describing actions that took place before a horrendous event. Suddenly, in an abrupt change from the chaos and aggression of the previous improvisations, the atmosphere becomes very fragile and delicate, yet extremely powerful. Andrea: “I think it is magic. It looks like you have been working together for weeks”. Everyone agrees.

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