Workshop 'There is no why here' - deSingel 18-21 SEPT 13: DAY2

Vrijdag 20 september 2013

On Wednesday, four performers met for the first time to improvise, to brainstorm, to try, to fail, to succeed, to see, to learn. Their purpose: create what will be -there is no why here-, a project by Andrea Molino and directed by Wouter van Looy. For four days of intensive workshops, they are confined to the Music Studio at the Singel in Antwerpen where they try to find a unison in voice and performance.  

Today is the second day. The performers Aline, Annelinde and Sander start with a short warm up by coach, fellow performer and artistic director of Institute for the Living Voice, David Moss, in which the focal point is action-reaction. In several exercises , they discover how to listen, react, answer and match each other in very subtle ways, while still keeping the other ‘on the edge’.

Then Wouter gets the floor. For the improvisation, the room gets cluttered with all sorts of inanimate objects. Imagine children toys, water bottles, marbles, ping pong balls, little cars, even  tables and chairs. Between them Wouter throws little pieces of paper, with words out of the scripts. Questions, to be precise. They are all questions that are left unanswered. Loaded questions that grab you by your throat such as: What is the meaning? Why do certain things happen? What are the consequences? Where does evil stem from? What is the origin? Who is responsible? Why did they do this?… Why? Why? Why? After creating this catastrophe of objects and questions, the performers start improvising. By creating sounds with objects and their voice, they start moving across the scene, interacting, destroying, creating, letting things fall, picking objects up again, trying to find images of pure beauty.

Of course Wouter and Andrea have some remarks. After each improvisation there is a lengthy discussion about what they thought was good, what needed to be better, what worked and what did not.  The key idea that keeps resurfacing is balance. That is what they are striving for: to find that all important balance between sound, movement and text, between vocals and gestures. Text needs to jump out and be delivered as a simple observation, movements need to be simple, cannot be developed too much or they lose their truth. With these observations the scene changes and  changes again upon each new improvisation, all in search of these simple, yet beautiful moments that present the audience with an image that they can fill with their own meaning. 


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