Workshop 'There is no why here' - deSingel 18-21 SEPT 13: There are no limitations here

Donderdag 19 september 2013

In June 2013 auditions for the multimedia music theatre project -there is no why here- took place in Antwerp. Aline, Annelinde and Sander were selected out of the group of applicants, all young vocalists under 30, interested in improvisation and experimentation. From 18 September until 21 September they take part in a workshop with composer Andrea Molino, director Wouter Van Looy and lead singer David Moss, and take their first steps in the creative process of the production.

Annelinde is a fresh graduate from the music theatre program in Rotterdam (Codarts).  After finishing her studies in June, she reacted to the Music theatre Transparant’s call for open auditions.  Familiar with the work of Transparant after an internship with Veenfabriek – a music theatre company from Leiden and partners of Transparant for Medea (2011) and this season Arthur (première March 2014)– , she was excited to be one of the lucky three young singers invited to collaborate on the project. Annelinde: “I’m absolutely enjoying the whole process. Andrea and Wouter have both a clear idea of what they want, we are here to help them search and find how to get there.”

Aline met Wouter, our director, for the first time when she was 10 years old and part of a Flemish children’s choir led by Ivo Bittová. She defines it as one of the most important moments of her life. The encounters and the experience  left a lasting impression. After this first glimpse behind the scenes of music theatre, she auditioned for  other Transparant (and Zonzo Compagnie) productions. You might recognize her from past performances in Arthur (2005) or Het meisje de jongen de rivier (2006). Aline is not a classically trained vocalist. After her studies in Theatre Sciences at the University of Antwerp, she followed a four-month vocal course in Denmark. For this project, she says, it is not important to have a training in a specific style or a specific background. It is all about vocal experimentation. Aline: “It is important for us to forget our background a little here, whether it is opera or jazz. Andrea wants to remove us from certain styles, he tries to prevents us from going back to what we know, what we are familiar with. It all needs to clash. There are to be no limitations here.”

After studying at the Conservatories of Gent, Antwerp and Berlin, Sander is now active as a jazz vocalist, with experience in music theatre productions (e.g. KVS). He knows Muziektheater Transparant through his frequent collaborations with composer Jan Van Outryve. Van Outryve has been closely involved with Transparant for years, both as a lutenist and as a composer. However, this is his first time performing in a more experimental, theatrical context. Sander: “I find it both interesting and challenging. Together we are trying to develop a common language. It is a process in which we learn to sense the other.” 

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